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"Getting your financial house in order is not that different than you asking your patients to... get their oral health in order"

About Us

For over 20 years, Jennifer (Jen) and Greg Stevens...- together with their team at J&G Money Matters, Inc. (JGMM)...have continued to assist dentists and their teams by filling in the gaps where dental training and on-the-job experience stops. JGMM has developed unique, fail-safe systems to support dental practices in many areas, such as:
  • Financial and money management 
  • Win-win patient payment arrangements
  • Increased cash flow and patient collection
  • Daily administrative and practice policy systems
  • Goal setting to match practice spending 
  • Team hiring, compensation and refining job descriptions
  • Maintaining and increasing patient retention through recall
  • Learning to use dental management reports effectively
Our comprehensive review of your practice takes an in-depth look at money management, leadership style, and your systems framework. Our evaluation will offer honest insight into "where your practice is today," and outline ideas and suggestions to support your business in a meaningful way.  When pratice systems are in place and working well, the daily stress is lifted off the entire team.  In turn, you gain access to new tools that nurture and propel your dental practice to the next level of success. 

Questions you should be asking?
Do you know  the cost to "open the doors" of your dental practice?
Does your production goals cover your practice spending?
Why understanding dental benchmarks will help you manage your practice?
How much money is owed to the Practice by your patients?
Why does the doctor’s leadership style make or break a team?